Natural gas receiving station

The planned Nord Stream 2 - carrying gas from Russia - reaches mainland Europe and joins the gas network at Lubmin near Greifswald. From there, the natural gas is distributed flexibly within Europe via the pipelines EUGAL and  NEL (North European Gas Pipeline). The infrastructure for that is being created at Nord Stream 2’s landing point: the Lubmin 2 natural gas receiving station.

Overview of the Lubmin location

Overview of the station


Lubminer Heide industrial and business park

Operating area

Approx. 11.9 ha

Assembly area during the construction period

Approx. 2.3 ha

Maximum capacity receivable

6.5 million standard cubic meters of gas an hour


Independent planning approval procedure; positive decision in May 2018

Construction phase

Start of 2018 to the end of 2019


End of 2019

Operations management

GASCADE Gastransport GmbH

Receiving station Lubmin 2Capacity 60 bcm/a
Entry EUGAL capacities60 bcm/a
Exit capacities at metering station Lubmin-NEL14.5 bcm/a

How a natural gas receiving station works

In the natural gas receiving station, the gas from Nord Stream 2 is filtered and heated and the pressure and volume of gas for further transportation is set. The figure below shows how the facility works.

You can also find concise information on the Lubmin location and the natural gas receiving station on the information boards (German language version) from our information events. 

Information boards regarding Lubmin 2 natural gas receiving station

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