Pipeline law

In dialog – from planning to acceptance

We seek dialog with the owners and farmers of the required areas early on in the planning process. We provide information on the project and precise construction process, answer questions and clarify rights of use.

Advance one-on-one talks

Owners and farmers are informed about the project in detail before it begins and no later than at the same time as the approval process. They learn where the pipeline will run and how long their land will be used for construction. 

Building supervision

A GASCADE contact person acts as a link between owners and farmers and the construction companies performing the work. The contact finds mutually acceptable solutions and monitors compliance with agreements.


During acceptance of the areas after building and recultivation work has been completed, GASCADE and the owner jointly inspect the construction areas. If improvements are required, we carry them out and the areas undergo acceptance again.


Framework agreements

GASCADE concludes project-specific framework agreements with the State Farmers’ Associations. They are the basis for the easement agreements that are then concluded with the owners of the areas. In the framework agreements, we define the compensation payments, regulate questions of liability, and specify the rights and obligations we have during construction and up to recultivation.

Easement agreements

Owners conclude an easement agreement with GASCADE. The easement agreement allows us to use the land for constructing and operating EUGAL. It also defines what payments/services the owners receive and the pipeline easement that is entered in the land register. GASCADE bears the costs. The land remains the property of the existing owners.

Agricultural subsidies

We guarantee farmers that the agricultural subsidies granted to them are not impaired by construction of EUGAL. GASCADE makes contact with the responsible government agencies and compensates for the consequences of the work.