From the Baltic coast of Germany to the Czech Republic

EUGAL is to run from Lubmin near Greifswald by the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania southward to Deutschneudorf in Saxony and from there to the Czech Republic. It has a total length of some 480 kilometers and large parts of it are to be laid parallel to the Baltic Sea Pipeline Link (OPAL). That means it will run through the German federal states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (approx. 102 kilometers), Brandenburg (approx. 272 kilometers) and the Free State of Saxony (approx. 106 kilometers).

Much of EUGAL will be built with two parallel strings in order to cater for the capacities required long term, especially in Southeastern Europe. Just one string is planned from Weißack in Brandenburg to the German/Czech border, since existing capacities can be used for further transportation. The fact that the new pipeline is to run in existing corridors will minimize the impact on people and nature. A new compressor station is also planned in Brandenburg, to ensure that the gas can be transported with sufficient pressure.

GASCADE contributes decades of experience to the construction of EUGAL, in particular due to our experience building the OPAL pipeline, which started operating in 2011.