Why a new pipeline?

Secure energy supply thanks to new transport routes

Europe continues to need natural gas in the future for power and heat generation, as well as for industry. Some of those needs are covered by producing natural gas from our own sources in Germany, the North Sea, the Netherlands, the UK and Norway. However, gas production in Europe will fall sharply down the road and consumers will increasingly depend on imports. That means the transport routes will change and additional capacities are necessary. We are addressing that by expanding the network in an economically sensible way. The necessity of the network expansion with EUGAL has been confirmed in the auctions for new capacities on the basis of the more capacity market survey. The pipeline will be integrated into the German gas network and will be built in the regulated environment under the existing European legal framework. EUGAL is a core element in the expansion of the energy hub at the center of Europe, which ensures that the German and European natural gas network is oriented to demand and more flexible.

Growing demand for natural gas necessitates more pipeline capacities

With EUGAL, GASCADE is responding to the growing demand for gas and gas transport capacity in Europe. Demand can be still be catered for by production within Europe. However, the latter will fall sharply in the coming years. The European Network Development Plan for 2017 assumes there will be an import gap of up to 183 billion cubic meters by 2035. By way of comparison: Germany currently consumes around 85 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year.

At the same time, the Europe-wide market survey more capacity showed that the long-term transport requirements between Germany and its neighbors are in some cases well above the available technical capacities. An additional 51 billion cubic meters a year have been requested from the Czech Republic alone, from Poland 11 billion cubic meters a year. 9 billion cubic meters a year to the Netherlands and 11 billion cubic meters a year to Western Germany were also requested.

EUGAL creates these new connections reliably and flexibly. The direct connection to the existing natural gas pipelines JAGAL and NEL and the indirect connection to NETRA mean that EUGAL can transport natural gas flexibly in all directions, thus significantly increasing network stability and supply security in Europe.