Completion of archaeological excavations in Brandenburg

Excavations on EUGAL route completed / archaeological monuments found in 267 places

Kassel/Wünsdorf. The archaeological excavations on the working strip of the EUGAL route in Brandenburg have been completed. The Brandenburg State Office for Monuments and Archaeological State Museum (BLDAM) and GASCADE were positive about the collaboration. Interesting finds were recovered, from which insights can be gained into civilization in Brandenburg hundreds and thousands of years ago. They include relics from residential and farm buildings and graves, as well as vessels, tools, weapons and jewelry.

The archaeological excavations already began prior to construction work on EUGAL. The excavation period from April 2017 to May 2019 was sufficient to recover and document the 267 archaeological monuments in total on the working strip of EUGAL in Brandenburg. From experience gained in the construction phase of the Baltic Sea Pipeline Link (OPAL), which large parts of EUGAL run alongside, the position of most of the discovery sites was already known. A further 29 new archaeological monuments were discovered during construction.

Among the special aspects and highlights of the excavation finds are:

  • A remarkably well-preserved human skeleton in a crouched position, with legs bent and lying on its side, from the Neolithic period, near Biesenbrow in the Uckermark district.
  • A Bronze Age urn burial field in Großbahren in the Elbe-Elster district, which unearthed burial objects such as jewelry and ceramic vessels.
  • An unusually large settlement from the late Roman imperial era with 32 pit houses in Kienbaum in the Oder-Spree district. 170 clay weights were discovered in one of the pit houses, evidently belonging to a weaving loom.

120 people were employed by the BLDAM for the EUGAL project during the 25-month excavation period. An inventory of the artefacts is currently being compiled and the excavation reports written. In the medium term, the BLDAM plans an exhibition and publication of the EUGAL findings in Brandenburg. This will probably be in 2020. The costs for the archaeological excavations are being borne by GASCADE as the project sponsor.


Brandenburg State Office for Monuments and Archaeological State Museum
Dr. Christof Krauskopf
Phone: +49 33702 211-1600   

GASCADE Gastransport GmbH
Uta Kull 
Phone: +49 561 934-3636

We will make photos and brief descriptions of this and other finds from Brandenburg available for downloading.