GASCADE Gastransport GmbH

GASCADE plans, builds and operates one of the largest natural gas infrastructures in Germany. As an independent transport network operator, GASCADE offer its customers competent and comprehensive transport services – with a pipeline system that has a total length of 2,900 kilometers and is based on the highest technical standards. The company operates a gas transmission system - large pipes for large quantities of gas. GASCADE thus directly connects five European countries with each other and guarantees secure energy supplies in Germany and Europe for the future. GASCADE is owned by the chemical group BASF and Gazprom. GASCADE holds a 50.5% stake in the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL) and is in charge of the project as the project sponsor.


The transmission system operator Fluxys Deutschland GmbH markets roughly 24% of NEL’s system capacity. Fluxys also participates in the TENP pipeline system through its sister company Fluxys TENP GmbH and markets approximately 64% of TENP’s transport capacities. Fluxys Deutschland is part of Belgium’s Fluxys Group, which operates not only the Belgian transport system, but also a storage facility and the LNG terminal in Zeebrügge. With its numerous participating interests in existing European gas infrastructure companies and projects, the Fluxys Group pursues the goal of increasing supply security and market liquidity in Europe by simplifying international gas transport. Fluxys Deutschland holds a 16.5% stake in the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL).


Gasunie Deutschland is responsible for management, operation and expansion of an extensive pipeline network in Northern Germany. Given its geographical location, Gasunie’s pipeline network in the Netherlands and in Germany, which measures over 19,000 kilometers in total, has become a gas hub for Northwest Europe. Gasunie Deutschland is a subsidiary of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie. As a key component of the Northern German natural gas network, the transport facilities of Gasunie make a major contribution to ensuring a secure supply of natural gas in Germany and Europe. Gasunie Deutschland holds a 16.5% stake in the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL).


The Leipzig-based company ONTRAS is a national transmission system operator within the European gas transport system. In order to ensure smooth and reliable gas transport for its customers, ONTRAS operates Germany's second longest gas network with around 7,000 kilometers of pipelines and around 450 network coupling points. A reliable partner, the company represents the interests of transport customers, dealers, regional transmission system operators and producers of regenerative gases. ONTRAS holds a 16.5% stake in the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL).