Export station

A gas pressure regulating and metering (GDRM) station is being built in Deutschneudorf. It is used as an export station for transporting gas from Germany to the Czech Republic, since it will hand over the gas from EUGAL to the Czech network operator Net4Gas. The pressure and volume of the natural gas are measured and requirements regulated at the GPRM station. 

Overview of the planned station

Components of the entire GPRM station

3 gas pressure regulating and metering buildings, including subsystems

Maximum operating capacity

4.2 million standard cubic meters of gas an hour to the Czech Republic

Required area

Operating area (including greening) around 2.5 hectares, assembly area around 0.25 hectares


Metal bar fence with a height of around 2.5 meters

Height of the GPRM station building

Approx. 7 meters

Heating system

Chimney height approx. 10 meters

Planned access roads/gates to the station

One access road


Part of the planning approval procedure for EUGAL

Start of production

3rd quarter of 2018

Anticipated commissioning

End of 2019

Operations management

GASCADE Gastransport GmbH

Exit capacities at metering station Deutschneudorf-EUGAL35.4 bcm/a
EUGAL Exit Pressure (border DE - CZ)73 bar