forsa survey

On-site survey

GASCADE commissioned the opinion research institute forsa to survey people in the federal states along the planned route of EUGAL on their opinion about the challenges relating to the supply of energy and their view on construction of the pipeline. The result: Most people want an affordable and reliable energy supply. They support expansion of the European pipeline network, but also attach great importance to safety and protection of the environment.

Broad majority in favor of expanding the energy supply

70 percent of all respondents feel that cost is a key criterion. 62 percent want a safe and reliable energy supply. And 41 percent of those who took part in the survey feel it important for energy to be produced in a “clean” and eco-friendly manner. The energy transition and phasing-out of nuclear power mean that natural gas is a key component in the energy system for most: More than one-third of all respondents say that the gas supply is important or very important.

“The costs of our energy supply are an issue in all households and that is also reflected in the survey: Energy must be affordable and reliable. That’s what counts for those surveyed.”

Prof. Manfred Güllner, forsa.

Europe needs more energy

Almost three-quarters (73 percent) of respondents welcome expansion of Europe’s networks, which strengthens network connections in the EU. Given the declining volume of production in Germany and other EU states, 68 percent are in favor of additional transport capacities that enable deliveries directly from the countries of origin.

Yes to EUGAL – but it must be “green” and safe

57 percent of all those surveyed are in favor of a new natural gas pipeline being built in their federal state. Key conditions: The pipeline must be safe. That is stressed by two-thirds of respondents. Around 60 percent state that the impact on the natural environment must be minimized. In addition, more than half want the construction plans to be agreed with residents.

Vote for a strong European single market

Construction of the new pipeline means that each of the three federal states will grow in importance for the European single market. 60 percent of the citizens surveyed say that is a good thing. In principle, the general public agrees that every region involved will benefit from expansion of the pipeline network.

Basic data for the study

  • Sample: 1,500 citizens from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Saxony
  • Survey period: 26 May to 17 June 2016
  • Conducted by: forsa GmbH, Professor Manfred Güllner