EUGAL on film

We are posting the film series “EUGAL on site” and other highlights from the construction phase of EUGAL captured on film for you here.

EUGAL documentary: The film about the project

Planning and building EUGAL were a challenge for everyone involved. Key planning and construction steps were filmed for the EUGAL documentary film. The story is told by those actively involved in the project. Impressive scenes were produced with strong images and personal impressions. Enjoy watching it!

“EUGAL on site” Film 6: Uta Kull and safety tests

Pipeline construction also includes material specimens, welding seam inspections, monitoring safety standards – in short, safety has top priority. A water pressure test is carried out when there is a connected pipeline string in the pipe trench. But what exactly happens in a test like this? Our colleague Uta Kull was there in person at a water pressure test on the EUGAL construction site in southern Brandenburg. (in German)

Short clip: Building site and beats

With rhythm and breathtaking speed: The first string of the EUGAL pipeline has been completed in the record time of around four and a half years from the start of the planning procedure to coming on stream. We have put together several highlights from the construction of one of Europe's biggest infrastructure projects in a short music clip.

“EUGAL on site” Film 5: Martin Vogts and the pigs

The fully welded first string of EUGAL is now in the ground. All the welds have been checked, the water pressure tests have been completed, and the pipe trenches backfilled. What still has to happen so that EUGAL can be put into operation with the first string? Our colleague Martin Vogts and route reporter Norman Baumgartner meet experts who answer this question. (in German)

Short film: Tunnel drilling machine reaches the finishing line

Mission accomplished: The second microtunnel under the Uecker river in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is complete. The drill head reached the target pit after 1,250 meters. Thus, the passing under the Uecker river and the rail line also went smoothly for the second EUGAL string after three and a half months of drilling. We captured the moment of the tunnel breakthrough in a short clip.

Short film: Lowering the pipes

The perfect combination of man and machine: At a construction site in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, we captured in slow motion how an 800-meter-long pipeline string is laid within three hours.

“EUGAL on site” Film 4: David Winkler and procedures for tunneling

“How is it possible for EUGAL to cross a conservation area, bodies of water or other forms of infrastructure?” Our colleague David Winkler addresses this question in the fourth episode of “EUGAL on site”. He travels to the state of Brandenburg to examine special construction sites, where various processes are used to conduct closed tunneling. (in German)

“EUGAL on site” Film 3: Olga Schott and the pipes

“Where exactly did the ‘I-Day’ pipe get to?” Olga Schott wonders, a year after the event in Kassel. We accompany the colleague from Controlling to Brandenburg, where she sets out in search of the signed pipe. Her journey of discovery focuses on the path taken by the EUGAL pipes from the loading station, via the storage point and then to final delivery to the pipeline route. (in German)

“EUGAL on site” Film 2: Margarita Stohler and crossing the Elbe

Our colleague Margarita Stohler has made her way to the River Elbe in Saxony and met there with the construction managers of the Elbe culvert construction site. She and route reporter Norman Baumgartner have the current construction work on the Elbe crossing explained to them. (in German)

Short film: Elbe crossing in one and a half minutes

In crossing the Elbe, GASCADE reached a milestone in the construction of the EUGAL pipeline in December 2018. Laid in open construction, the culvert being pulled into the Elbe offered a spectacular view. (in German)

"EUGAL on site" Film 1: Dominik Leifer and the nature conservation along the route

Our colleague Dominik Leifer from Facility Planning goes on a journey of discovery along the EUGAL route – focusing on the environment and nature conservation. Together with route reporter Norman Baumgartner, he meets two ecological construction supervisors who tell them about their work. (in German)